“Maps of God” (MoG) is the flagship digital humanities initiative of the Ilanot Project, dedicated to the research of Jewish mystical diagrams known as ilanot (“trees,” being intricately inscribed parchment scrolls dedicated to mapping the divine realm). The MoG platform integrates a comprehensive database with interactive scientific editions of the great ilanot to enable scholars and laypeople to explore these fascinating artifacts for the first time.

below you will find the list of available manuscripts

היריעה המפוארת

Oxford - Bodleian Library MS Hunt. Add. D (Neubauer 1949) is a particularly fine, early, and well-preserved witness of a family of large manuscript rotuli ("ilanot") to which we have given the name "The Magnificent Parchment." Only one ...

היריעה המפוארת

The witness of the Magnificent Parchment in an anonymous Tel Aviv and London private collection is a fine, early, and well-preserved paper copy of a family of large manuscript rotuli ("ilanot") to which we have given the name "The ...

היריעה הוונציאנית הגדולה

The Grand Venetian Parchment of R. Elijah Menaḥem Ḥalfan and R. Abraham Ṣarfati was crafted as a collaborative project of these two kabbalists in 1533.

Brescia - Biblioteca Queriniana - MS L FI 11

The Brescia parchment was likely written by a Spanish scribe around the late fourteenth century. The text has been attributed to Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla (1248–c.1305). It deploys a distinctive rota-augmented arboreal ...

Vatican ebr. 530 III

Vatican ebr. 530

Vatican Borg.ebr. 21 Ilan

This seventeenth-century Italian copy of a classical ilan that goes back to the fourteenth century demonstrates the ongoing relevance of such artifacts even in an era typically presumed to have been dominated by ...